Exposing the truths of illuminati

Subliminal Messages

The illuminati use subliminal messages to program us , some of you might not know what subliminal messages are  , your lucky I can explain in less than 10,000 words unlike other sites.

A subliminal message is a photo or something along those lines that targerts your subconcious mind and programs you. You see if you  listen to alot of songs with swear words on them , you hear them in your concious mind and began to swear like them as well , or if you read something that presuades you to worship satan , you have a chance of worshipping satan . But things like this dont just happen , there will be obstacales , like your parents might not allow you to listen to those kind of songs , or maybe you wouldnt want to . So the illuminati attack your SUBconcious mind , which affects you without you noticing it , without anyone noticing it . For example , if you listen to the song “Stairways to heaven” It seems like a very decent song , but if you rewind that song , it turns out its not that decent , there are hidden messages in that song. Sublimal Messages were “Banned” Long ago , but they still exist , everywhere.

When you look at something , your mind tries to find something that it has previously seen . It tries to find something familiar.

Here are some examples of subliminal messages .

WARNING : Some of these photos arnt approprite for young eyes.

I know.. Disgusting.. You should be ashamed..

Children see this..

Here is a  good Subliminal Messages videos on youtube


The other ones you can find on the Links page .


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  1. Alexandra

    LOL effy ily… you and anna are soo smart to make this website.. 🙂

    October 8, 2010 at 7:42 am

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