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Apple & Pixar theory

Due to the recent passing of Steve Jobs , our computer class was mainly focusing on Apple and its history. And after finding out the first Apple computer was $666.66 I thought I’d research more on the topic.

What I have come to is only a theory , and this video here explains quiet well.

I have always found a connection to the Apple logo and the story of Adam and Eve.


I also focused more on Pixar. There is no doubt Pixar has a definite relation to the illuminati , in all honesty everything does – but this post may explain how.


The I in Pixar’s logo is replaced with a light bulb , another word for light starting with I includes illumination , illumination – illuminati.

In such Pixar movies as Rattatouille the connection is clear and bare. One person controlling another , just like the illuminati are controlling us.

Others such as Toy Story ( 3 to be exact ) deliver a less noticiable message , a video explaining this well can be seen here.


On other note , Anna and I apologise for our recent hiatus , and we hope we will be delivering posts much more often now .


Simpsons illuminati

Decided to research a bit more on the illuminati , and I found a great video showing alot of symbolism in The Simpsons.

I took some photos of some symbolism I found in the episode ‘Behind The Laughter’ .

Heres the link to the video I found : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unMCA0Gqj0o&feature=related

Kanye West Exposed

So last night I was watching a couple of Kanye West videos , one of which was the music video power , which is , trust me , FILLED , with illuminati symbols .

The video has Kanye standing for the whole video , crowded by Demonic women , he is wearing a Horus necklace which represents him as the illuminati. The video includes numerous things God is against and Satan is for like.

*Alcohol being drunk

* Homosexuality


Nearing the end of the video , two men pop up and when thier swords meet , it creates a triangle , on top of the video there is a halo , a halo with a sword going through it , which looks alot like an eye , together the illuminati symbol is formed and the video quickly moves to a text saying “Power” . This video is very satanic and probally the worst I have seen so far.

Then I moved on to other videos based on Kayne West and the illuminati , one where he is on performance , and he makes a speech .

I took some pictures and ill add the link onto the page , and it will be on the Links page as well .

CLICK HERE for the “Power” By Kanye West music video

And CLICK HERE for Kanye West’s speech (On the illuminati )

Exposed : Rhinna Rude Boy


I can bet that you all have probably noticed this if your really illuminati obsessed like me, but I wanted to expose Rhianna today and one of my .. Friends.. Told me there were a couple of symbols in the song so I decided to take a look.. 

Oh and , the page , illuminati symbolism in CARTOONS is going to be changed to Illuminati Symbolism in Media , Because its not just cartoons and I shouldnt have to make a whole new page for just one thing… So there you go. 

All seeing eye in the video of Rude Boy by Rhianna . © Ask before you take.

All seeing eye in the video of Rude Boy by Rhianna . © Ask before you take.

pentagrams , 3 of them , and an eye! ©


T A F F I / E F F Y


© 2010

Ke$ha (Illuminati Puppet) EXPOSED!

Heey Guys !

Its Effy heeere!

Sorry we havent posted in a long while , I was busy Saturday and Sunday and the other couple of days TV signals were wrecked because of the bad weather in Australia. Anyway , to make up for it , I was trying to expose Ke$has illuminati connection , my first source was YouTube and I found this epic video by an epic uploader , I know some people are Lazy kinda like me so I just took pictures but the Link will be in the Links page (:

And remember if you find anything illuminati related email us , illuminaticonsiracy@hotmail.com .

Note : If you would like to use any of our pictures , please leave a comment asking before taking them , we might even take  our watermark out . But we would really appreciate if you gave us credit (:



E F F Y / T A F F I

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